Sunday, February 8, 2009

The economy owes me a dinner.

Apparently this weekend was my weekend to shop. I love shopping. I love going through shops and seeing all the colors and feeling up all the fabrics. I don't necessarily need to buy anything, I just like going and seeing and feeling. Shopping with my senses, I guess.

Although, this weekend I actually spent money. Not as much as I could have, to be sure. I stuck to TJ Maxx and secondhand shops. So at least I don't feel guilty about anything I bought. Okay, I hardly ever feel guilty about the things I buy. But that's besides the point. 

I fed my belly dancing fetish by buying a beautiful red beaded top at a second-hand store. It was meant to be an actual party top, not any kind of costume. But it's stunning. This afternoon, a couple of my belly-dancing pushers friends and I headed up to The Forget-Me-Not Shop to look for tops we never found. However, I ended up with two broom skirts (one red velvet and one black with gold embroidery) and a stunning white shawl with red roses embroidered on it. The red stuff is for a performance in June, but the rest of it... well, I guess I'll figure something out. Where am I going to put all this stuff???

Yesterday, I used my upcoming trip to Florida as an excuse to head up to TJ Maxx and buy a great pair of pants, a couple short-sleeved shirts and a pair of pj's. Everything was super cute and I love all of it. I'm going to actually have to update my summer wardrobe this year I think; all my shorts are too large and don't look flattering at all. Of course, if I keep shoveling it in like I have been, it won't be a problem. Sigh. I like food. Hee hee!

If I'm going to be honest, I think some of the shopping was retail therapy. I spent the week rather stressed. Won't go into the details as to why, but I will say everything has worked out in the best possible way, and the stress regarding this particular issue has been relieved. By clothes. Lots of them. 

I am okay with that. 

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