Sunday, December 2, 2007

Weekend Done

You like the looks of those cookies? Those are sour cream cookies. They are a family tradition every year for the holidays. I have successfully addicted my friend Robin to them. Insert evil laugh here.

Robin, my other friend Marie and I were supposed to do "Cookiefest" this weekend. The three of us get together, bringing two cookie recipes each, and get to cooking. It's a lot cookies, but loads of fun.

Robin had a baby on Wednesday. Yay, Robin!!! Since it is near to impossible to cook up a cookie storm with a three-day old baby, we decided to forego this year's festivities. As she was looking forward to the cookies though, I made her a batch on Saturday. This is a few of them. The frosting came out a little sloppier than I'd intended, but it's the thought that counts.

Someday I'm going to veganize the recipe, just for kicks and giggles. The sour cream isn't an issue, as they make vegan sour cream. Although I figure in a pinch I could use vegan unflavored yogurt. It's the eggs that I haven't figured out yet. It calls for one egg. One lone, solitary egg. Usually I'll replace an egg with a banana or applesauce or something. But I'm pretty sure that won't work in a cookie recipe. So... any suggestions would be welcome!

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