Saturday, December 29, 2007


First the first time in a while, I found my Saturday completely empty. There was no place I needed to be, no chores that needed to get done, nothing I needed to buy, make or do.
Today was a free day.

What a gift! So, I used it wisely. I started by sleeping "late" (sad, sad is the day that 8am is considered late). Enjoyed a couple cups of coffee, then went out and went to Health Food store #2 (#1 is temporarily closed while it's moving to a larger location). Stocked up on tons of fruit and veggies and yumminess.

Came home, had a clementine and banana for breakfast, then tooled around on the internet for a while. Had a huge honking salad for lunch, took a walk, applied for a job, then had dinner. Now, I'm trying to decide what I'm going to do this evening. Probably watch the Bourne Ultimatum. That sounds like a good plan!

Due the the excess foodage of the past couple weeks, this weekend I'm doing something mentioned on the Weight Watcher's Vegetarian Message Board. Yes, I frequent that. I used to be fat and WW help me lose 30 pounds. Anyway. It's called a "fruit and veggie fast." You do it for two days, eating just fruit and veggies. Starchy vegs like potatoes are supposed to be off limits, but I don't like any of the recommended substitutions so I'm including them. Spuds are good for you, dammit! Technically sugar and soy milk are out too, but I refuse to drink my coffee black. Still, I'm feeling pretty good right now! If you're hungry, you eat, just no grains, proteins and certainly no animal products. I feel like my body's saying "Thank you!" 

I'm only doing it today and tomorrow, so don't get your panties in a wad regarding proper nutrition. I'm eating plates of veggies, here! How many vegetables have you eaten today? Besides, I so couldn't do this long-term. But it's helping me cut the "oh, I'll just have another cookie or two" mentality that's so hard to break post-Christmas. Tomorrow I'll be making some chili or stew or something for lunch this coming week. Mmmm... chili...

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