'Tis the Season

For holiday parties galore. Had my office party this evening at The Inn at Essex. It's a really nice place about 20 minutes from where I live. I actually had a pretty good time! NECI (New England Culinary Institute) does most of the food there, and it's wonderful, for those of you in the know, Alton Brown got his culinary education right here in the state of Vermont. Oh yeah. In some of his earlier episodes he wears NECI hats. Just a little pride for the home state.
So yeah. We did a yankee swap and I ended up with a copy of Mystery Science Theater 3000. I had a bottle of wine for a good portion of the event, but alas someone snatched it. Ah well. I always did like MST3K. 

Gotta go to bed now. I'm cold cold and I gotta get up early to go Christmas shopping with my BFF.


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