Wednesday, December 26, 2007

Post-Consumerism Let Down (or the day after Christmas)

Hello all! For those readers who celebrate Christmas, I hope you had a good one! If not, then I hope you managed to survive. 
Christmas was low-key for me. I took Christmas Eve off, since I wasn't lucky enough to have it handed to me. I spent the morning cooking dinners for my brother as one of his Christmas presents (black bean and sweet potato burritos, pad thai and veggie lasagna). After driving across the state to my mum's, I stayed up until midnight knitting my uncle's scarf. My hands started cramping, so decided to pick it up again on Christmas. I ended up finishing it about a half-hour after he arrived. D'oh! He was very happy with it though. So that makes it worthwhile.

Anyway. Food was eaten. Drives were driven. I had to go to work today. I really wish the US had kept the Boxing Day tradition. Pity.

Anyhoo. Pictures for you:

My altar at home

Cookie tray at mom's

The Scarf

Mom's tree

My motto: Born to shop, forced to cook

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