Thursday, December 20, 2007


Just... oy.
My day itself wasn't overly bad. Boring, but not bad.

My plan for this evening had been to rush home, make a quick list of food I'll need for my "dinner party" tomorrow night and head off to one of my favorite grocery stores to look for some good food and cheap bargains. What I didn't plan was to hit a parked car in my own neighborhood.

Sigh, this is so pathetic. We've got a lot of snow right now. I live in a complex of apartments and rented condos. In lieu of speed bumps, we have speed ditches. So, the city plows won't come in and plow; it'll damage them to badly. The complex's maintenance staff has plow attachments on their trucks and they do it themselves. Poorly. Streets that are barely 2-way to begin with shrink to one-ways. And guess what happens when two cars going in opposite directions try to go down a shrunken street whilst some poor car parked off to the side minds its own business? Why, two side-view mirrors collide, of course!

There was minimal damage to both our cars, just some broken plastic. But insurance needed to be called and phone numbers needed to be exchanged, and blah blah blah. The humiliation, however remains.

So of course after I got all that sorted, I went up to the not-so-favorite grocery store, bought my goods and pulled together a lasagna. It's sitting in the fridge now, just waiting to go when I get home tomorrow evening.

Tomorrow night's menu is vegetarian lasagna with salad and garlic bread. For dessert we'll be having a 3-berry cobbler. For appetizers... well I forgot appetizers. I think we'll be using some of my Italian truffle-infused olive oil for some bread-dippin'. Good stuff!

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