Wednesday, December 19, 2007

Messages from the Universe

About a year and a half ago, I designed my own tarot cards. As much as I liked the traditional ones, there always seemed to be too many and I could never quite remember what they all meant. So I made up cards that had special significance to me. 

For the past several months, I've been drawing one card every morning. Sometimes it's eerily accurate (like the day I drew Death and my great-aunt died) and sometimes it isn't. Today's card was "Communication." Which I found interesting, because there are many people out there I'd like to hear from and haven't lately. I was looking forward to see who'd get in touch.

Ironically enough, 2 people I didn't expect to hear from emailed me. The first was one of my UK friends that I don't speak with very often.  The other person... well, frankly I never expected to hear from this person again. There were reasons on both ends why communication stopped, but suffice it to say that communication on my end stopped because communication on this other person's end stopped first. This person's email was as near an apology as I was going to get, and it allowed me to finally say to this person what I should have send months ago. I'd still like to remain friends with this person, but the ball is in their court now. 

Either way, I feel better knowing that I was able to finally speak my truth. I can finally put that little emotional "owie" to rest.

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