Let It Snow....etc

I may have to eat my words about Vermont not having white Christmases. I think this stuff is going to stick around. This was the view out of the front office this afternoon:

That's the building's driveway, and it eventually meets the main road (you can kinda see it). I had to clean six inches of snow off my car to get home, and it's still snowing. My friend on the mountain had eight inches by 9am and it was still blizzarding. She decided to stay home. Smart girl. 

I will admit, it was very pretty. I love walking around when it's snowy like this. Everything is so quiet and soft. The air smells so crisp and clean. Days like this are great when you've got a free day, so you can watch it snow while bundled up in a blanket, sitting on a cozy chair, drinking a cup of hot tea. Not so great when you've lost your boots and you have to stand in a half-foot of snow while cleaning the same off your car...


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