Thursday, December 6, 2007

Finally, Proof That I Knit!

I'm a knitting newbie, I admit it. I'm also slow to move from my beloved scarves, although they take for freakin' ever. Someone is getting these two lovelies for a christmas present this year. I won't say who, because it's already changed three times since I started making the durned thing:

Let's hope whoever gets it has a small head, as the cap came out a little short. Just barely covers the ears. Cute if you're in Georgia and "winter" is 53 degrees, not so helpful when it's -30 outside. Oh well. Recipient: if you don't like it, use it as a dust mop. I won't mind!

I'm still quite happy with the way it came out. The yarn is a greeny, bluey, purply, pinky kinda thing with bit and pieces and hangers on. Hard stuff to work with, so I had to pay attention. I thought it was pretty so I had to do it. 

So, there it is people. Proof I knit!

1 comment:

Anonymous said...

Hey came out pretty good!

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