Wednesday, November 21, 2007

Turkey Eve

What I really, really wanted to post here was a stillshot from Addams Family Values. One shot of Pugsley in the turkey costume. Would you believe that no one has posted a image of that anywhere on the web?? Come on, people! You're all slacking.

As you can see, after many tries I finally managed to post yesterday's back yard shot. Kinda underwhelming, isn't it? Yeah, the weather really wasn't any better today, although it was nice enough to stick to rain all day. Supposed to be pretty much the same tomorrow. Since Mom is making the long drive from Lyndonville to my house, I'm sure she's sitting at home worrying about it. She better come though. She's got the pies. 

Anyway, wine and veggies have been bought. And...that's it. Laundry is unwashed, because it is raining out and the in-complex laundromat is way over there. Floors are unvacuumed and dishes are still in the sink. But hey! I bought wine. Isn't that enough?

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