Sunday, November 18, 2007

My Ho-Hum Boring Sunday

This picture was taken back in September. My friend Angie and I were hiking around the paths at the top of Mount Mansfield. It's kinda blurry, but I still like it.

I'm trying to think what I did today. I slept in. It was great. Oh yeah! That's what I did. I went a'shoppin' for food. Not just any food - Thanksgiving food! 

My brother and I have been hosting Thanksgiving for the past several years. Usually it's just my mum, my brother and myself, although anyone's welcome if they care to show up. This year my cousin will be joining us as well. Possibly another local cousin as well. 

I am, unfortunately, the only vegetarian in the family. My family is really cool about making sure I've always got something to eat, and having the feast at my place pretty much ensures there isn't any hidden stuff anywhere. There is a certain member of my family however (cough cough my brother cough cough) who pretty much insists on traditional dishes, so there will be a bird. I don't really mind it - I just won't cook it. So honestly, if he doesn't get his ass in gear and actually buy the darned thing everyone's going to be eating seitan with me (hail Seitan!).

Anyway. I've got the makings for stuffing purchased, spuds (Cousin is making a potato dish and we'll have mashed as well. You can never have too many taters), I'm going to roast some asparagus and green beans for a side dish... I can't remember what all else. I'll buy wine and veggies for munchies on Wednesday after work.  I'll be making some more hummus as a dip.

And yes, I greatly enjoy planning stuff like this. Thinking about food is fun! 

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