Thursday, November 22, 2007

Let Us Give Thanks

Happy Thanksgiving one and all! For my non-US readers, Happy Thursday! We put on our annual feast today. We ended up having six people here - me, my brother, my mum, 2 cousins and one of my brother's friends. 

When my brother and I went to set the table, we discovered that we didn't have enough browny-colored linens to go around, but we had plenty of pink napkins. So, we went with a red and pink theme this year:

Nothing says fall like pink and red, LOL! Anyway. We started with a veggie and hummus platter, and a cheese and cracker platter:

We then went on to the main feature:

But Kate! you say. What's that on your plate? I thought you were vegetarian! Well, reader. Let me introduce you to seitan (hail Seitan!) and tofurkey mushroom gravy and "giblets." Neither tastes like meat, but I thought it tasted great. I was certainly stuffed to the gills.

We ended with my mom's pies:

One pumpkin, one raspberry. Mmmmmm. Raspberry pie. Drool.

It's now almost 7pm, and we're all hanging out suffering from food coma. I really wish it had been nicer outside so we could have gone for an after-dinner walk. Alas, it's been rainy and dreary all day. It's supposed to switch to snow later this evening. Whoopee.

What am I thankful for? Family. Friends. That all my friends and family are supportive of me, generally speaking. Sometimes more than they should be. I am thankful that I am able to have what I have. 

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Cass said...

YUM! your menu looks YUMMY! How do you cook your seitan?

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