Sunday, November 25, 2007

Lazy I Am

The leftovers are in the fridge, looking a little sadder each progressive day. The guests are long gone, as are the pies. Tomorrow starts a new work week, but I'm determined to hang onto this long weekend just a little longer.

The Friday after Thanksgiving, mom and I did our annual shopping trip. She lives in a location where there isn't a lot to choose from store-wise, so she gets most of her shopping done on this trip. We're not foolish enough to do the Box Store Madness at 3am. Puhleeze. We were all sleeping the sleep of the stuffed. We usually head downtown to the shops and boutiques around 9am or so. Since everyone else is at the malls and box stores, it's actually quite pleasant. By the time everyone makes it downtown, we're done and home on the couch. 

Saturday morning we went out to breakfast at Sneakers with my cousin. Then I did nothing. Well, okay. I took a walk. But I spent most of my day in bed reading and watching television. Today I mixed it up a bit. I sat on the couch. I know! I'm a wild woman. I'm enjoying my doing nothing, I have to admit. I wish I could do it for another couple weeks. Alas, I have a job I need to go to if I want to buy Christmas presents for people. Because unlike mom, I only bought one thing on Friday. D'oh!

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