StayKatetion 2018

Back in mid-February, it became clear that I was burnt out and needed some time away from work. I initially took this past week off in March, but ended up extending it to a week and a half. My wrists were shot, and I spent my my non-work time wearing braces on both wrists.

I was emotionally, physically and mentally exhausted. I was ready to simply quit everything altogether. I no longer cared about my client's needs, I struggled to find compassion for anyone, including myself.

I was very overdue.

Initially, I planned on getting some bodywork of my own done - I was going to splurge and go to a spa. However, after not booking it and not booking it I realized that I was so far gone that I didn't want anyone to touch me. The idea of having anyone else in my energy made me want to cringe.

It's been an interesting week.

This vacation hasn't been a "week in Florida with sunshine and friends" week. It's been a week of holing up, riding out nor'easters and com…

Project 251: I'm Too Lazy to Post in a Timely Fashion Edition

Several weeks ago, we were desperate to get out of town for the weekend. It was the week of Valentine's Day. We both had stuff going during the week, so we decided Best Guy would take Friday off, and we'd head up to the NEK to knock off a few more towns and maybe have a romantic dinner at nice place while we had a babysitter. AKA, my Mom.

I am extremely late in posting the pics because Life. But better late than never, right? This is our first 251 excursion since October, I believe. It's a lot harder to do in the winter, because a lot of roads are either impassible or just really stupid to be on with a Prius.

But that didn't stop us, oh no.

We've always managed to make it work, traveling with Toby. However, it's more difficult in the winter because picnicing is near to impossible and his reactivity regarding dogs and other humans make being in a more populated place (like we were this time) difficult. We had the opportunity to visit a micro-brewery while we wer…

Manifesting Your Life's Purpose Starts with Figuring Out WTF it is

February has rolled in and decided to stick around for a while, and finally my desire to shift professional gears has focused in on a specific thought: I want to write.

So, y'know... ignore all the typos and shit in my posts and just pretend I am a capable human being. Kay? Kay.

I have always written. All my life I've written. Sometimes silly little stories, sometimes poems, sometimes longer tales steeped in fantasy and a little horror. But mostly, it manifests in this blog and to a lesser extent my professional blog. Which I completely suck at keeping up to date at all. Seriously, the last time I wrote anything for that blog was, like, November.

I've re-upped my focus on the book I started writing last year. Revisiting, revising, adding, even going so far as to sending an extremely rough draft of a chapter to Best Guy just to see if it's worth pursuing any further.

(He loved it, for what's it's worth.)

(It's worth a hell of a lot, actually).

I've also …

Cleanse, Cold, Craziness, These are Words that Start with the Letter "C"

Today is February 1st, Imbolc if you are Pagan. Nutshelled, it's Celtic in origin and celebrates the germination of Springtime. In agrarian cultures, its when all the calves and lambs and such are being born. It's when - if you live in a place that is not Vermont - you might actually be able to say there is only six more weeks of winter left.

What is it like to only have three months of winter? Is it glorious? I would think it is glorious. Let me tell you what it's like to have six months of winter. It sucks.

Moving on...

The sugar cleanse went pretty well generally speaking. Best Guy had a rough week or so after the first five days. My last few days were pretty rough, but I did well up until that point. We were on track to make it through the 31st when the Cleanse got called on account of an emergency room visit.

Let me explain.

Best Guy went to work as usual on the 30th. He had a snack around 9:30am or so, and started getting sharp pains in his abdomen and decided to com…

I'm Blue, Da Da Dee Da Da Dah

If that song is running through your head now, you're welcome. If you have no idea what I'm talking about apparently you spent 1999 under a rock. Here's your ear worm for the day:

A week ago Wednesday, I was at Kempo class running through the entire beginner curriculum with the other purple belt in class. Because it's the last belt in the beginner rank, you need to show you can effectively perform everything before moving into the intermediate ranks.

We ran through everything a few times and felt really good about it, then maybe got a little cocky and asked the Sensei to test us ASAP. You see, he was heading out for three weeks of surgery recovery/work travel, so if we didn't test soon we wouldn't be able to test for almost a month. As he really wanted to be the one to test us (we have awesome Senseis at my Dojo), he managed to get a couple sub teachers in for the classes he taught, and arranged for the test to be last night.

Previous to this, all of my rank te…

Empower... Inspire

I had an amazing integrative session on Wednesday with an amazing friend of mine. I'm still digesting a lot of the information that was presented to me, but some of the biggest things to come out of it were "words are important to you," "Your focus for 2018 is 'Empower and Inspire,'" and "If it's in your heart, you can make a living at it."

These were all huge realizations for me, and a couple were not realizations at all but confirmations.

Empower has been running through my head with increasing regularity for a while now. The Kempo classes have empowered me on a level I never though possible, and I want others to feel as incredible as I do when I'm in these classes. I want to help others find their own power, whether that's as a warrior, healer, supporter.... whatever.

Inspire was a bit of a surprise to me. My friend told me "You inspire others." And I was all.... huh? Me? I'm nobody.

Which is a pretty clear indicat…

Authenticity and Speaking Truth

I find myself in the beginning month of 2018 desperate for authenticity. My own and others. Maybe it's the sugar cleanse, finally clearing away the last of the "sweetness", but I find myself increasingly frustrated and done with the banal and trite.

Which is pretty much all of social media these days.

Honestly, if it weren't for the fact you need  some kind of social media presence for businesses these days I probably would have deactivated my Facebook account by now. Between being constantly attacked for viewpoints, frustrated people lashing out at everyone, and drinking memes, I've just about come to the end of my patience.

Not to say I don't enjoy a good drinking meme now and again.

But as I work on my vision board, bringing this year into focus for myself, I find that the idea of jettisoning everything seems cathartic. It would seem I am desperate for change and in my attempt to find the right change I'm willing to get rid of a whole lot to uncover it…