Project 251: Short n' Sweet

Yesterday was supposed to be a rainy, good-for-nothing day. Especially in the afternoon. We all wanted to get out though, so we decided to do a few 251s and then have lunch with my brother and his Partner. We had six left in the "reasonably easy" reserve, and now there are only three. Everything else is going to start requiring long drives and possible overnight stays.

Going Back in Time

With our trip to Wales getting ever closer, we thought it might be cool to see if we could trace back some of my relatives to an actual place in the country. And if we could, to visit it.

When I was in college (oh, so long ago) one of my assignments for an Honors class was to trace my family history back. The teachers assumed there would be many first- and second-generation immigrants and thus would be easy to trace, interview, and report back on experiences. I think they were hoping for some meaty Ellis Island stories. Considering we were in Westchester County, NY, that wasn't an unreasonable assumption.

For about half of my classmates, that was indeed the case. The other half of us, well. We were throwing dates out like 1640, 1792, and I think one even confirmed coming over with the original pilgrim set.

My mother kept all of the work I did for this. This was pre-internet (yes, that existed and yes, I am dating myself), so these written histories were precious. They required eff…

Summer Time, and We're Inside Hiding from It

July 31st. We're into the meat of the summer and our plate is full of... boring stuff that does not involve swimming, trips to the beach, hiking, biking, ice cream, or anything that makes the most out of these precious few warm months.

I believe we are failing at summer.

We haven't even done as much garage saleing as we normally do. Both Best Guy and I have been filling most of our weekends up with various other engagements, and most of our money and vacation days are being saved up for our UK Honeymoon.

Oh, did I mention we're considering the overseas trip a honeymoon now? We are.


The first few days will be dedicated to the festival BG's band is playing in, but that ends Sunday and we're not leaving until the following Friday/Saturday. So the rest of the time is ours. We've got a loose plan sketched out that we'll finalize a bit as we get closer. But there will definitely be exploration of castles, henges, tors, and cliffs.

There was also this a cou…

Project 251: Boldly Going to Nowheresville, VT

Last week, we decided it was time to knock off some of the most difficult towns in our 251 Project. We made an entire weekend out of it: we took off to Newport after work Friday night to spend the weekend at my Mom's. From there, we spent all of Saturday tooling around the most sparsely populated section of Vermont. We managed a new record for towns visited in one day: 16. On Sunday, we headed back home and knocked a few more towns off on the way. We passed the halfway point of our adventure, got another corner piece, and visited a whopping 20 towns in one weekend.

Oh, and on Sunday after we got home and had lunch we bought a new car.


We got rid of Veronica the Ford as she wasn't going to hold out much longer anyway. I am inheriting Best Guy's old car (who has informed me his name is Bob), and BG is using the brand spanking new fully electric car as his main commuting vehicle. Because of its 100-mile charging radius we probably won't use the as yet unn…

Freedom Adventure

Yesterday was Independence Day. It was also a beautiful summer day in Vermont. We have had far too few of those this season so far. We've had rain more days in June than not, and someone told me last week saw four inches of rain in just a couple days.

So, to have some blue sky and warm temperatures meant we had to get outside. We found a nice little hiking trail around a pond not too far from us, and spent a couple hours hiking. It was stunning. And very muddy in more than a few places. But overall, it was wonderful to be outside.

Would you like some pictures? Okay, but they're in no particular order. 😉

Cry me a River.... of DONUTS

I have been struggling this week.

As awesome as the Ren Faire was (and as glorious as this sunburn is), this week has been.... lacking.

I think compounded on my internal issues is the guilt I feel in feeling bad at all. My issues are pretty minor in the grand scheme of things, and there are people (hell, friends) who are in much worse shape with much bigger problems.

But... you feel what you feel, and adding guilt on top of the feels you feel certainly isn't going to help anything, is it?

And if you followed that, you get a gold star.

Work has been slow this week. And by slow, I mean sssllllllllooooooowwwwwwww. As amazing as May was (once of my best months to date), June has been the opposite. It's the nature of the business, and I know this. I also know that when the tourist-appropriate business are booming, the local resident-based businesses slow down. I'm now in the latter market.

The upside is that it has given me more time to write and focus on the more desk-based si…

We'll Meet You at the Ren Faire

Well, we won't because it already happened. But now you know where we were this past weekend. We're both sunburned (my lines a little more creative than Best Guy's considering my costuming), but overall we had a great time.

This year, our regular drummer got called away on family business so Best Guy was kind enough to allow me to rope him in to playing. Of course, he had no experience with Middle Eastern rhythms, but why allow that to stop you? By all accounts, he nailed it. And it was wonderful having him with us all two days.

And now... some highlights.  Because our normal photographer/videographer was playing the drums this time, we had to rely on the kindness of strangers, so to speak. I can't seem to figure out how to get these videos to play here, but if you click on the links they will take you directly to the videos on the relevant home pages.…