Empower... Inspire

I had an amazing integrative session on Wednesday with an amazing friend of mine. I'm still digesting a lot of the information that was presented to me, but some of the biggest things to come out of it were "words are important to you," "Your focus for 2018 is 'Empower and Inspire,'" and "If it's in your heart, you can make a living at it."

These were all huge realizations for me, and a couple were not realizations at all but confirmations.

Empower has been running through my head with increasing regularity for a while now. The Kempo classes have empowered me on a level I never though possible, and I want others to feel as incredible as I do when I'm in these classes. I want to help others find their own power, whether that's as a warrior, healer, supporter.... whatever.

Inspire was a bit of a surprise to me. My friend told me "You inspire others." And I was all.... huh? Me? I'm nobody.

Which is a pretty clear indicat…

Authenticity and Speaking Truth

I find myself in the beginning month of 2018 desperate for authenticity. My own and others. Maybe it's the sugar cleanse, finally clearing away the last of the "sweetness", but I find myself increasingly frustrated and done with the banal and trite.

Which is pretty much all of social media these days.

Honestly, if it weren't for the fact you need  some kind of social media presence for businesses these days I probably would have deactivated my Facebook account by now. Between being constantly attacked for viewpoints, frustrated people lashing out at everyone, and drinking memes, I've just about come to the end of my patience.

Not to say I don't enjoy a good drinking meme now and again.

But as I work on my vision board, bringing this year into focus for myself, I find that the idea of jettisoning everything seems cathartic. It would seem I am desperate for change and in my attempt to find the right change I'm willing to get rid of a whole lot to uncover it…

Welcome to January

Where it is literally too cold to go outside.

Lows have gotten as low as the -20's here for the last several days, with wind chills bringing it even lower. Things have been delayed or even canceled because the cold made it too dangerous to be outside for more than a few moments. Thankfully, though, it looks like we're warming up to freezing in the next couple days, so we're all looking forward to that.

Yeah... warming up to freezing.

Best Guy is on Day Seven of the cleanse and holding strong. I am on temporary hiatus while I get over a stomach bug that took me out on Friday. I spent most of the day sleeping either on the couch or in bed. Saturday I felt marginally better, but the caffeine headache really took hold Saturday afternoon and didn't let up. It woke me up this morning a little before 5, to be honest. I tried to have a cup of coffee but couldn't get past a few sips. I went back to bed and slept for four hours and felt a sight better.

I still am not able to…

Fresh Start

Happy New Year!

Whatever 2018 holds for you, I hope there is plenty of peace, joy, prosperity, fun and love.

This year, Best Guy and I are starting the year off with a 30 day Sugar Cleanse. After December's free for all, we're both feeling the need for, well, vegetables. We're not following any particular plan, mainly because it would seem most sugar cleanses rely very heavily on meat to get you through, and we're doing this as vegetarians. Also, we refuse to go hungry.

So, here's our cobbled-together plan for the next 30 days:

Whole vegetarian proteins, such as beans, lentils, tofu, tempeh, nut butters, eggs and small amounts of local, artisanal dairy. No gluten-based proteins allowed this month (bye bye Seitan)Any and all vegetable and fruits, with a focus on fresh where possibleWhole grains (barley, rice, oats, quinoa, etc) are allowedNo breads, crackers, chips, baked goods, candy, or sweets of any kindNo sweeteners (real, or worse...fake) of any kindAnything pre…

Best Laid Plans of Mice and Men....

This weekend was planned out to the minute. Yesterday, I was going to finish my Christmas Shopping, go grocery shopping for the Big Day, do tons of laundry, and generally get as much done as possible. Today, I was going to travel up to Stowe to work a shift at my old Wellness Center and maybe on the way home pick up any last minute items I might need. Tomorrow - Christmas Eve - was all about the pre-bake. Hauling out serving dishes, finishing up the tidying, waiting for my Mom to arrive.

Yesterday, Mother Nature told me in no uncertain terms that my plans were laughable.

We're in the middle of a 2-day weather event, which started yesterday with about 8 inches of snow, making travel of any kind unwise. Today, we're getting a mix of sleet, ice, rain, freezing rain and snow, which makes travel of any kind pretty stupid. So, no last minute shopping for me today or tomorrow. No shift in Stowe.

Still had plenty of laundry to do, though.

I can't complain too much though. I've…

December Marches On

I have a new car. It looks....exactly like the old one. Only an ugly shade of green. The other cars I test drove were a shiny dark blue. One of them looked like the interior of a space ship. This one does....not. It is pretty much exactly the same car, only a couple years younger. She doesn't have a name yet, but I'm sure that will come with time. We're still getting to know each other, after all.

Now that I've got a car I don't mind zipping around town in, I've been doing just that. Best Guy and I spent some time Christmas shopping this past weekend. Although, I'll be honest. For the first time in my life I've bought the majority of my gifts online. I prefer to buy locally whenever I can, and I enjoy the process of going to stores and seeing what jumps out and says "I'd be perfect for so-and-so!" But this year I'm really struggling to find the time.

I'm also struggling to find the time to get a head start of Christmas Day prep. I&…

Bob the Prius, RIP

We got word yesterday that Bob the Prius has been designated a "total loss." They're going to give us a decent amount, and with some money from our savings we think we can buy a used car outright. It's still going to be at least a week before I'm driving around in my newest vehicle. It's nice to not be in limbo anymore, and while the process will take longer than I like we're at least moving forward.

Our generous insurance is giving us a week from yesterday to return the rental, which is awesome and not awesome at the same time. Having the rental means we don't have to share the Leaf, which because its 100% electric only has a 100 mile radius. With the colder weather, its actually closer to 85mph. I love driving that thing, but with our vastly different schedules sharing would be a trial. 

On the other hand, rental is from Texas and can't handle the cold so the tire pressure light keeps beeping at me. The rental guy said I could return it and get …